Companies we've helped

We love to build, and we work with everyone from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies to help design and create the most successful products and experiences

  • Clearco

    Having raised $215M+ from Softbank, Intuit, iNovia, and many other top funds, Clearco aims to bring fair and fast capital, guidance, and a trusted network of founders to founders across the world. We're helping them with a number of initiatives, such as developing their Clear Angel platform, internationalizing their products for expansion into more countries, and more.

  • Dapper Labs

    Dapper Labs is the creator of CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, and the Flow blockchain. We're helping Dapper develop and grow the Flow ecosystem and build out their web platform.

  • 100 Thieves

    100 Thieves is the premier lifestyle brand and gaming organization, co-owned by Nadeshot, Drake, Scooter Braun, and more. We're helping them with a special project.

  • Abacus

    Abacus is a decentralized appraisal tool for NFTs. We're helping them develop the application and protocol with React, Web3 integrations, and Solidity.

  • Juni

    Raising $10.5M+ from YCombinator, Pear VC, and others, Juni is building a platform to help students aged 7-18 learn practical subjects such as Computer Science. We're helping them across their stack, from building out their frontend in React to scaling their backend.

  • Ritual

    Ritual is one of the top food ordering and mobile pickup platforms for consumers across North America. We're leading the development of their new product, which is to be announced soon!

  • Genies

    Genies is the world's leading avatar technology company. We're helping them develop their own NFT marketplace built on top of the Flow ecosystem.

  • Ro

    Having raised more than $700M in capital, Ro is a patient-driven telehealth company that aims to be the patient's first call for all of their healthcare needs. We helped them with the development of their mobile app with iOS Swift.

  • Patch

    Funded by VersionOne Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and others, Patch is building an API-based solution that allows you to embed carbon footprint estimation and removal directly into digital products and experiences. We're helping them internationalize their product as well as build out a crypto micro-service with Ruby.

  • Party Round

    Funded by A16Z, Seven Seven Six, and others, Party Round is building software that it hopes will make the process of raising early-stage corporate capital far simpler than it is today. We helped them build ERC-1155 NFT smart contracts so that they can be represented as investments.

  • The Weather Network

    The Weather Network is Canada's largest and most popular weather platform. We helped them re-architect their website to help them scale and better handle the immense user traffic they receive. We also helped them develop the amber alert system.

  • Koho

    Koho is one of Canada's leading challenger banks and does $500M+ in annual transactions. We led the development of their core partner platform in Go.

  • Lyme Disease Foundation (LDF)

    The LDF is focused on trying to help patients, doctors, and the country alike in being well equipped and ready for the prevalence of Tick Borne Illnesses, and Spirochetal Infections. We helped them build a platform to help people diagnose whether they have the Lyme Disease.

  • Certn

    Having raised $43M+ from iNovia, O1 Advisors, Tribe Capital, and more, Certn provides instant background checks for employers. We lead the development of their international products and framework.

  • Census

    Funded by Andreessen Horowitz, YCombinator, SV Angel and others, Census is building a layer on top of the data warehouse that makes it easy for the data team to distribute product data where it’s needed. We're helping them build their reverse ETL platform, and helping them integrate and sync data with multiple popular business apps.

  • Jam City

    Jam City is an award-winning mobile entertainment company providing unique and deeply engaging games. We're helping them with full-stack engineering across some new initiatives.

  • Synctera

    Raising $33M+ from Portage and others, Synctera is building a platform designed to help facilitate partnership banking. We helped them with development across their stack, in React and Go.

  • Made Renovation

    Funded by Founders Fund, Felicis Ventures, and more, Made provides a fully managed service that combines high-quality design, materials, and construction into a single, stress-free home renovation experience. We built their POC for estimating bathroom renos.


    RECESS is a DAO designed to bring great people together to play and learn in the new world of Web3. We're building out their web platform, which includes purchasing $RECESS tokens, creating the first on-chain referral system, Web3 integrations, and more. We're also helping them build out their first NFT game which will be announced in the near future.

  • Outcomes4Me

    Raising $12M+ from Northpond Ventures, Sierra Ventures, and more, Outcomes4Me is building a platform to help cancer patients navigate their care better. We're helping them across a number of their platfroms, such as building out their mobile app in React Native to building out their web app in React & Node.

  • MedMe Health

    Funded by YCombinator, MedMe Health is delivering an operating system for pharmacies. We stepped in as an interim VP of Eng to work on their technical processes, roadmap, and execution.

  • Delphia

    Delphia raised $14M+ to build an AI-powered investment strategy that anyone can improve with their own data. We built their frontend website with React.

  • Filta

    Funded by YCombinator, Filta is creating a face filter NFT marketplace. We're helping them develop their application with React, Web3 integrations, Solidity, and more

  • Leansquad

    Leansquad is one of the top fitness apps on the market. Run by Phil Mackenzie who is an ex-pro athlete turned online personal trainer, helping 1000s of people get leaner, healthier and happier in just 30 days! We designed and developed the entire Leansquad mobile app in iOS Swift.

  • Readwise

    Readwise makes it easy to save and revisit your best highlights from Kindle, Pocket, Instapaper, iBooks, Twitter and more. We redesigned the entire Readwise product and their new stealth initiative, with a special focus on UX and conversions.

  • Secureframe

    Raising $22M+ from Kleiner Perkins and others, Secureframe is building a compliance platform that helps companies seamlessly take care of SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance. We're helping them build out their platform with React and Ruby.

  • Stardust

    Funded by Framework Ventures and others, Stardust is the easiest way to create and implement NFTs in your game. We're helping them design and build out their NFT marketplace.

  • Mem Protocol

    Mem is building human-centric tools for Web3 social. We're helping lead the frontend build of a Web3-driven bounty Q&A app that puts all aspects (i.e. a token, question creation and answering, and bounty distribution) on-chain.

  • Paragons

    Paragons is an economic and social partner-DAO to promising blockchain-powered gaming ecosystems. We're helping them build out the frontend for their DAO, allowing them to interact with bonding and staking mechanisms and more.

  • LoyaltyOne

    LoyaltyOne provides loyalty marketing services to enterprises in retail, financial services, grocery, petroleum retail, travel, and hospitality sectors globally. We helped them develop a Shopify app to let merchants accept Air Miles rewards at checkout.

  • raised a $2.9M seed to build an AI-powered copywriting tool for businesses. We architected, built, and shipped the first version of their product for scale with Kubernetes and infrastructure as code.

  • Abridge

    Funded by Bessemer, Union Square Ventures, and others, Abridge lets you securely record conversations with your doctor to give you summaries, smart-context, and better understanding of your needs. We helped bring their mobile app to life with React Native.

  • Vinn Auto

    Funded by Roach Capital, Banana Capital, Andrew Wilkinson and more, Vinn Auto is building Canada's best online car buying experience. We're helping them re-design their buying experience with an emphasis on education, high-conversions, and seamlessness.

  • Comparative

    Comparative is an innovative analytics company that gives clear, actionable insights with zero querying. We're helping them build out their platform with React, Node, and Python.

  • Cards And Treasure

    Cards And Treasure is a platform built for collectors, that makes buying and breaking sports cards easy and fun. We're helping them build out their entire platform with React and Node.

  • Canadian Tire

    Canadian Tire is a Canadian retail company which operates in the automotive, hardware, sports, leisure and housewares sectors. It's one of Canadan's most prominent companies and owns a number of sub-brands such as Sportcheck, PartSource, FWD, and more. We're helping them develop their e-commerce platform for their FWD brand with Shopify.

  • Partnerstack

    Funded by YCombinator, Whitecap Venture Partners, and more, Partnerstack is a partnerships platform designed to create revenue channels for SaaS businesses. We're helping them build out core features across their frontend in Vue.

  • U.S. Airforce

    The United States Air Force is the air service branch of the United States Armed Forces. We helped them develop a mobile app to assess the fitness and strength performance of the team with React Native.

  • GoodGood

    GoodGood is a marketplace designed to help connect local makers with their community through authentic online and retail experiences. We're helping GoodGood build out their online experience with Shopify.

  • Upscribe

    Funded by Roach Capital, Uncork Capital, and others, Upscribe is building subscription software for direct-to-consumer e-commerce merchants. We're helping them build out this platform on Shopify.

  • Rhythm

    Having raised $34M+, Rhythm is set out to build the future of remote patient monitoring. We stepped in as their interim CTO and lead engineers to grow their team, build out their roadmaps, and execute on their initiatives with React, Node, and GraphQL.

  • Lift Off

    Founded by a popular crypto anon, we're building a Web3-driven voting app to facilitate small contests and bets.

  • Gensler

    Gensler is an integrated architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm. We're helping them create a brand new interactive office for Deloitte in New York City.

  • Ribbon Health

    Funded by Andreessen and other VCs, Ribbon Health provides healthcare enterprises with an API layer for accurate data on doctors, insurance plans, and costs & quality of care. We're helping them on a number of fronts such as UI/UX design and fullstack development with React and Node.

  • Mydoh

    Mydoh, incubated by RBC Ventures, is building a smart card and money management app for kids to help them develop a strong foundation when it comes to their own money. We lead the development of their React Native mobile app.

  • Nabis

    Nabis is one of California's largest cannabis distributors, distributing more than $350M worth of cannabis products per year. We developed their entire wholesale and merchant portal as well as their analytics system.

  • Commons Clinic

    Commons Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic intended to provide seamless healthcare treatment to the patients. We're helping them with a stealth project which will be announced shortly.

  • Wombo

    WOMBO is the world's best AI-powered lip sync app. They also let you create beautiful AI-generated artwork. We're helping them build the web application and the NFT smart contracts for the AI-generative art app, where it takes prompts and styles to create custom images as NFTs.

  • TelcoDR

    TelcoDR, run by Danielle Royston, is a consultancy whose mission is to help companies move their IT environment to the public cloud as much as they can. For the MWC conference TelcoDR was running, we built mobile apps for their "future of telco" showcase.

  • FindMyVaccine

    FindMyVaccine is one of Canada's most popular vaccine appointment apps, where users can text a phone number to find vaccine locations near them. We built the product with React, Node, and Twilio, and helped over 150,000 Canadians finding vaccine locations.

  • Custom & Draft Orders For POS

    Draft And Custom Orders For Shopify POS is one of Shopify's most popular apps for creating and managing draft and custom orders right within your Shopify POS device. We built the product with React, Node, and have a few hundred Shopify merchants using the app.

  • Fiix

    Funded by YCombinator, Fiix sends expert, licensed mechanics to your home to fix your car. We built the company, grew it to $1.5M+ revenue per year, and sold it.

  • Supercharged SMS

    Supercharged SMS Text Messaging & Marketing is one of Shopify's most popular SMS marketing platforms - trusted by thousands of Shopify stores. We built the product and grew it to over 10,000 Shopify merchants and $300K+ in ARR.

  • Bitpesa

    Bitpesa is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa. We led design in the early stages of the company.

  • Figure 1 Beauty

    Figure 1 Beauty is aiming to deliver simple, science-backed skincare that is personalized to you. We helped them architect their technology platform and design the UX with a focus on high engagement, conversions, and scale.

  • Yor-Pay

    Yor-Pay is a Canadian personal finances platform, with an innovative FX solution. We're helping them across their entire stack on a few initiatives which will be announced in the future.

  • Trufan

    Trufan is an audience intelligence platform that provides the most effective generation, segmentation and activation of any audience, in the easiest way possible. We helped them design and build Surf, a platform that rewards users for their data from browsing the internet.

  • Vital Bio

    Funded by iNovia, Sam Altman, and others, Vital Bio is reinventing lab testing for 7.6 billion people, by creating a medical device that allows you to perform blood tests anywhere you want in a matter of minutes. We designed and developed their frontend experience.

  • Bounce

    Bounce is a platform for finding luggage storage near you. We helped them with development across the stack with React and Node.

  • RBC Ventures

    RBC Ventures is the venture arm of RBC. They incubate and invest in companies that will solve problems and transform the way you live your life. We help them with development across a number of their ventures, such as Mydoh, Ampli, Goodside, Dipp, and more.


    Founded in 2018 out of the University of Toronto, ODAIA is a customer data platform that unifies pharmaceutical company data from across internal and external sources and applies AI to deliver real-time insights to sales and marketing teams. We developed their Shopify application to help merchants use their data to identify their best audiences.

  • Ampli

    Ampli, incubated by RBC Ventures, is one of the best Canadian cash back apps that gives you real cash, not points, on your everyday purchases. We're helping them build out their mobile app with React Native.

  • Cox Automotive

    Cox Automotive offers a complete set of solutions for automotive dealers, including financing, market intelligence, leasing, auctions, and more. We helped them design and build out 2 of their major technology platforms, Ready Connect and MUVIT.

  • Jordan Dunin Wellness

    Jordan Dunin Wellness is a platform designed to help coach people through chronic illness. We're building a web platform with React and Node which will get launched shortly.

  • Mogul Productions

    Mogul is a global non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and decentralized financing (DeFi) platform for film and entertainment. We helped them build out their NFT platform.

  • Wefunder

    Funded by YCombinator, Wefunder is a marketplace that allows investors to invest in startups and small businesses online. We designed, developed, and launched the Wefunder React Native mobile app.

  • Buoyant

    Having raised $20M+, Buoyant is building the world's fastest, lightest service mesh for Kubernetes. We helped them build out their frontend with React.

  • Shopifica

    Shopifica is a Shopify agency for brands in Latin America. We helped them build out one of their stealth Shopify apps which is to be launched soon!

  • Otto

    Otto Intelligence is building a platform for purpose-driven investing. We're helping them with their full-stack application with React and Node.

  • Copia

    Copia is building a platform that allows businesses to safely donate their excess food, access enhanced tax deductions, and receive powerful data to inform food purchasing decisions. We're helping build out their platform with React and Node.

  • Get Houston

    Get Houston is creating a microdosing companion app with educational content, dose and symptom tracking, and coaching. We're helping them design and build their mobile app with React Native.

  • Blockit

    Blockit is a mobile app designed to make meeting management seamless. We're helping them design and build their mobile app with React Native.

  • Auto Capital Canada

    Auto Capital Canada is a national auto finance company that works with dealer partners across Canada to help clients finance the purchase of new and used vehicles. We're helping them build out their end-to-end car repossession service platform.

  • Feehive

    Feehive is a tool that help lawyers accurately give quotes and estimates for services to customers, transparently. We're helping them build out their web app with React and Node.

  • Goodside

    Incubated by RBC Ventures, Goodside is an app that measures your carbon footprint in real-time, then gives you tips to reduce your impact. We're helping them build out their web app with React and Node.

  • Prepped

    Incubated by RBC Ventures, Prepped helps job seekers gain confidence in their search and land the job they want. We helped develop their fullstack web platform.

  • Curbee

    Incubated by DVx Ventures and Jon McNeill, former COO of Lyft, Curbee was built to make taking care of your car hassle-free. We helped them develop their platform from scratch to MVP launch.

  • Dipp

    Incubated by RBC Ventures, Dipp is an easy way to earn cashback from your everyday purchases in downtown Toronto. We helped them build out their offers engine, in Node and GraphQL, so that users can effectively get rewarded based on their purchases.

  • Mednow

    Mednow is a Canadian online pharmacy. We're helping them design and build out their online pharmacy through Shopify.

  • Dr. Bill

    Incubated by RBC Ventures, Dr. Bill makes medical billing simple for doctors. We helped them develop their platform with Ruby.

  • Boomerang

    Incubated by RBC Ventures, Boomerang is a social platform for Boomers looking to explore their passions, learn new skills and connect with their community through interactive skill-sharing experiences. We helped them build out their web platform with React and Node.

  • Wellspent

    Incubated and then sunsetted by RBC Ventures, Wellspent was a money management app designed to help you build good money habits. We helped them build their mobile app with React Native.