Designing the first of a kind read-it-later app to streamline all reading in one place.

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About Readwise

Readwise is one of the fastest growing consumer apps in the market. They make it extremely easy to save and revisit your best highlights from Kindle, Pocket, Instapaper, iBooks, Twitter and more. However, they noticed an issue in the actual apps where you read this content.

Current reading apps lack the ability to accommodate to modern content types and cater to their power users. Features surrounding connectivity, performance and highlighting are some of the many problems users face while using these apps. Being a leader in this space, the Readwise team understood this deeply and approached us at Lazer to help design the best solution to this problem.


The Readwise founders, Tristan and Daniel, are one of the most thoughtful founders we’ve encountered. Immediately upon working together, it was clear they understood the pain points readers were experiencing and what needed to be done.

We worked closely together to design the best read-it-later app to streamline all reading in one place.

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Redefining powerful UX flows

Creating the best experience for readers knowing the challenges they had with other readers were key.

We spent a great amount of time and detail crafting powerful UX flows for highlighting sequences, command panels, searching, note-keeping, and more.

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Foundations for the design system

As an initial effort, we established the foundations of a design system. The Readwise team then took these foundations and continued to build and improve upon them. For the foundations, we explored and designed beautiful elements that would serve as building blocks for the Readwise experience. This included shadows, typography, colour palettes, fonts, components, and more.

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Empathy for both desktop and mobile readers

In today’s world, mobile consumption is growing much faster than desktop consumption especially through the lens of reading. Understanding this, our design efforts needed to work extremely not only for desktop readers but also mobile readers.

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With a strong focus on UX, the design of Readwise Reader app was a huge success. New and existing readers love the app, and the feedback from power readers on the platform has been outstanding. Check out the Readwise Reader app - you won’t regret it!

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