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About Givebutter

Traditionally, fundraising for non-profits has been challenging. There’s been a lack of free fundraising tools in the market to help non-profits achieve their goals, until Givebutter came along. Over the last decade, they’ve created outstanding fundraising tools including donation forms, campaigns, events, donor management (CRM), emails, texting, auction solutions, and more.

One of the pain points Givebutter noticed was that there was no tool in the market that allowed non-profits to handle both in-person payments and ticket validation during live events. This is when Lazer was approached to help design and build this experience with the Givebutter team.


The Givebutter team had an extreme focus on creating a free fundraise tool to manage live events, in-person payments, and ticket validation. We worked closely with them to design an intuitive, beautiful user experience for both web and mobile devices.

Empathizing, conceptualizing, and designing

Putting ourselves in the shoes of the user, we conducted a light research sprint to gather qualitative and quantitative data to identify clear needs and wants. We ran ideation sessions focused on these pain points and conceptualized key user flows. We then crafted high-fidelity designs to bring the solution to life.

Planning for the future with a flexible design system

To factor in future iterations of the new fundraising tool, we crafted a design system that can be flexible and allow the Givebutter team to execute on future variations.

This included everything from typography, colour palettes, layouts, components, fonts, and more.

Leveraging Webflow to provide high converting landing pages

To ensure the entire Givebutter team had the ability to make key changes and iterations to their web experience after Lazer departed, we leveraged Webflow to make future iterations extremely easy.

We ensured key landing pages we’re highly performant, mobile responsive, and optimized for conversions.

Harnessing the power of mobile through React Native

For a fundraising tool that tackle in-person, live events, a performant, seamless, and beautiful mobile experience was much needed.

We developed the app with React Native for both Android and iOS, to ensure that managing live events, handling in-person payments, and scanning and validating tickets was a smooth and easy process for event managers.


Working with the Givebutter team on this new fundraising tool was an absolute blast. Designing the core experience, and implementing it for web and mobile was a huge success as it made it much easier for non-profits to handle both in-person payments and ticket validation during live events.