Building Goldfinch protocol’s web frontend from the ground up

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About Goldfinch

Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol that allows for crypto borrowing without crypto collateral—with loans instead fully collateralized off-chain. A core limitation of current decentralized crypto lending protocols is that they require borrowers to over-collateralize their loans with crypto assets, which prevents the vast majority of borrowers in the world from participating.

After making great progress building out their core infrastructure and smart contracts, Goldfinch wanted to place more focus on their protocols web frontend and the user experience that came along with it. As a result, they reached out to us at Lazer to lead the frontend development and create a great experience for users to transparently view all deals and manage their investments.

Our Approach

The Goldfinch team is one of the sharpest teams we’ve had the pleasure of working with. With such a strong mission and with exceptional infrastructure already built, we needed to ensure their frontend web experience could match the power of their DeFi protocol and provide a clear, intuitive experience to users.


Creating an engaging, responsive and performant web experience

With so many pieces to Goldfinch’s protocol (borrowing, lending, pools, companies, staking, assets, etc), it’s not sufficient to just staple components together to create their frontend. Leveraging React, Apollo, GraphQL, and Next.js, we created a highly performant, scalable web frontend that was mobile responsive and can intuitively allow users to navigate through the platform to view specific information and perform desired actions.


Indexing and iterating Ethereum mainnet data with The Graph

A core need for the frontend was the ability to parse and display data from the Ethereum mainnet. In order to do this efficiently, we utilized The Graph, which is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. Through this, we could iterate on The Graph’s subgraphs, to index the desired data easily.

Image of Goldfinch's dashboard showing mobile and desktop views

Scaling Goldfinch’s architecture with Google Cloud

To create a stable, reliable platform, we relied on Google Cloud extensively. To complete the architecture, we used included Google Cloud Functions for serverless execution environments, Firestore as the NoSQL database, and Google Compute Engine.

Image of Goldfinch's dashboard showing distribution data

The Result

Working with the Goldfinch team is exciting and challenging. To have built the web app from the ground up gives us great pride as we work towards creating one of the best UIs in DeFi. In addition, we’re excited to see users of Goldfinch’s platform interact with the app on a daily basis and extract true value from it.