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Fox & Krapopolis

Building out Fox & Krapopolis’ web3 commerce strategy

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UI/UX Design

Research & Strategy

Front-End Development

Back-End & Infrastructure Development

Custom Shopify Apps & Integrations

Storefront Optimization

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About Krapopolis & Fox

From the creator of “Rick and Morty”, Dan Harmon’s Krapopolis is an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece centered on a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that tries to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other.

This television show, owned by Fox, is not your normal show - there’s a twist. The show leverages blockchain technology to create unique tokengated experiences to nurture, engage, and reward future superfans of Krapopolis. From Krap Chicken NFTs and scavenging for eggs to voting on show scenes and content/merch exclusives , this is a newfound realm where the audience has some feather in the game. The web3 commerce experience related to this is what the Fox team worked with us at Lazer to collaboratively implement together.

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Our Approach

With an amazing show and game-plan put into place, we worked closely with Fox’s Blockchain Creative Labs team to build out their web3 commerce strategy.

Designing and implementing the UI/UX for a web3 Shopify storefront

Designing an intuitive web3 experience for Shopify storefronts is still relatively new. We worked closely with the Fox team to ensure that users were able to connect a wallet, interact with gated content depending on if wallets contained specific NFTs or tokens, and engage with a checkout system that allowed payments with ERC-20 tokens.

All while ensuring this integrated properly with Shopify’s backend and key APIs from the Fox team.

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Managing and facilitating Krap Chicken (ERC-721) and KRAPEGG (ERC-20 token) transactions both on and off-chain

To support operational processes already in place by the Fox and Krapopolis team, we leveraged a system to track the transactional history of KRAPEGGs, we developed a custom checkout to ensure KRAPEGGs could be spent, and we ran limited-time promotions to enrich existing Krap Chicken NFTs with new traits and metadata.

We also integrated with Google Sheets to create an offline-ledger for the Krapopolis team to leverage for fulfilment and product operations.

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Seamlessly integrating Shopify with the core web experience

To achieve the web3 commerce experience planned out, we needed to ensure the website supported tokengating, loyalty redemptions, web3 wallet connections, third-party fulfilment, and more - all under the same roof. So we developed the storefront to hook into the existing web property, and ensured core user experience flows were built out and working seamlessly.

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The Result

Krapopolis is such an innovative, unique, creative show - we were thrilled to have the opportunity to develop their core web3 commerce experience with their team. If you haven’t yet, consider minting a Krapopolis Krap Chicken Fan Pass to join the fun!