Leading MedMe Health’s engineering team and extending core features for Shoppers Drug Mart

Hero Image - Desktop view of MedMe website hero image
Hero Image - Desktop view of MedMe website hero image
Hero Image - Desktop view of MedMe website hero image
Hero Image - Desktop view of MedMe website hero image



Amazon Web Services (AWS)



Frontend Development

Backend Development


About MedMe Health

Backed by Microsoft and Y Combinator, MedMe Health builds software for pharmacists to deliver paid clinical services like prescribing/adapting medications, point-of-care testing, giving vaccinations, and monitoring chronic conditions. Their web-based platform helps both independent pharmacies and large chains schedule appointments online, conduct virtual care, automate documentation, and flag clinical opportunities. With MedMe, customers have increased their efficiency of clinical service delivery by 10x and increased pharmacy revenue with the same staff.

Near the early beginnings of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, MedMe Health was seeing an influx of demand and required a strong partner to come in to help lead their engineering teams and iterate on core features for critical customers. Lazer was brought in at this point to help them accelerate and be positioned for continuous success.

Our Approach - Desktop view of MedMe website our approach image
Our Approach - Desktop view of MedMe website our approach image

Our Approach

With tight deadlines, an increasing need for product velocity, a compounding amount of technical debt, and an engineering culture that required leadership, we were excited to join the MedMe Health team to help steer the ship in the right direction and take advantage of the opportunities ahead. With a strong leadership team already in place, we began focusing on aligning the engineering team and codebase in the right direction and building features to ensure we satisfied the needs of core clients like Shoppers Drug Mart.


Extending MedMe’s feature set to onboard Shoppers Drug Mart

As Shoppers Drug Mart approached MedMe Health with a pressing need for software to help them satisfy requirements for the COVID-19 pandemic, we focused on helping the team extend areas such as core user and pharmacist flows, the application’s branding, and the accumulated internal technical debt. To accomplish this, we leveraged React and TypeScript for the frontend, GraphQL for the network layer, and Java and AWS for the backend/infrastructure layer.

Medme dashboard showing UI

Leveraging a scalable, complete architecture with AWS

In order to create a reliable web experience, we leveraged AWS extensively. AWS services we used included AWS Cognito for authentication, Amazon RDS for the database, Amazon SQS as a messaging queue service, and more components.

Medme UI showing vaccine booking flow

Positioning MedMe Health’s engineering team for success

With a relatively new team, we stepped in as an engineering leader to help align the team in the right direction for success. This included training team members, aligning on the appropriate architecture and stack, interviewing and hiring new team members, removing technical debt from the codebase, and more. Through this process, MedMe Health was able to increase product velocity, onboard new strong engineers, and be able to iterate on their product without the frustration of technical debt.

Charts showing engineer moving up

Helping MedMe Health achieve SOC 2 compliance via Vanta

SOC 2 is an auditing procedure that ensures your data is managed correctly to protect the interests of your organization and the privacy of its clients. Since MedMe Health worked with numerous organizations where compliance, privacy, and security are extremely important, we helped them achieve SOC 2 compliance by integrating with Vanta. In addition, we set up a number of policies to audit system access, data egress, and cadence for penetration testing. Policies and drills were also created around procedures in the event of a security incident, such as a potential report that PII data was leaked on the open web.

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The Result

In such a critical time in the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, it was exciting to join a company that solved so many core problems with software. While working with the MedMe Health team, we achieved a number of feats including the development of core features to help them partner with Shoppers Drug Mart and increase the number of pharmacies they worked with. At the same time, we thoroughly enjoyed leading their engineering team and positioning them for further success. We’re excited to see the MedMe Health team continue to achieve great progress.