Strengthening Cognito Health's platform with HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant solutions and streamlining core features

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About Cognito

Backed by Garage Capital, Jason Warner (former CTO of Github), and more great investors, Cognito Health offers a platform aimed at bringing high quality mental healthcare to all Canadians through a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and medication. They additionally offer digital assessments, nursing visits, physician visits, counselling, coaching, self-directed courses, medication delivery, daily affirmations, and more.

With a fast growing platform, the Cognito Health team needed assistance scaling their platform to handle demand while finding a way to improve the development speed of their team. This is when Lazer was brought in to help.

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Our Approach

A core focus during our time with the Cognito Health team was around scaling their backend platform, and iterating on core integrations and features needed to achieve HIPAA/PIPEDA compliance in addition to customer needs.


Scaling Cognito’s backend with NestJS

Recognizing the need for scalability, our team embarked on the task of migrating Cognito's existing backend from Express to NestJS, which is a progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable and scalable server-side applications. This migration ensured a more robust and scalable infrastructure, enabling Cognito to handle increased user demand and future growth effectively.


Building a comprehensive, robust admin portal

In order to empower Cognito's internal staff and enhance their operational efficiency, we designed and developed a comprehensive admin portal. The admin portal provided a user-friendly interface for managing user accounts, permissions, and other administrative tasks, resulting in improved productivity and streamlined operations.


Leveraging Segment and Amplitude for accurate and granular analytics

To gain accurate and granular insights into user behaviour and platform performance, we integrated Segment and Amplitude into Cognito's architecture. This integration enabled Cognito to effectively track and analyze user interactions, optimize user experience, and make data-driven decisions to drive platform growth and engagement.

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Managing HIPAA/PIPEDA user data compliantly with MedStack and Auth0

Within healthcare, data privacy and compliance is critical. We implemented MedStack and Auth0 to manage user data in accordance with HIPAA/PIPEDA regulations. With the vast majority of HIPAA controls covered out-of-the-box and pre-written privacy policy documentation, MedStack makes it faster, easier and more affordable to build and launch digital healthcare solutions that automatically meet the requirements of today’s health enterprises. MedStack provided a robust and secure layer between the application and Microsoft Azure, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive user information. Auth0 enhanced the authentication and authorization processes, offering a seamless and compliant user experience while maintaining data privacy.

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Simple, scalable, and secure payment processing with Stripe

To facilitate seamless payment transactions, we integrated Stripe into Cognito's platform. This integration enabled Cognito to offer a simple and secure payment processing system, providing users with a smooth checkout experience while ensuring the highest level of security for sensitive payment information.


Leveraging Microsoft Azure for a scalable, complete architecture

With the need for a scalable and complete architecture, we leveraged Microsoft Azure's suite of services to support Cognito's platform. Azure's robust infrastructure and services, including Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Database for MySQL, and Azure Blob Storage, provided Cognito with a scalable and reliable foundation for their application, ensuring optimal performance and high availability.

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The Result

Working with the Cognito team was a blast. At the end, we were able to scale their backend effectively, cutting their build and development time by half. In addition, we were able to integrate core technology in order to assure HIPAA/PIPEDA compliance, a reliable payment processing system, analytics, and more. We’re excited to see the Cognito team continue to grow and make an impact on individuals’ lives.