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Funded by Shopify, Swyft’s is a marketplace and logistics network that connects delivery partners with vendors to help merchants provide affordable same-day delivery to their customers.

Swyft approached Lazer with a vision to ideate, strategize and build their all-new marketplace to give merchants the ability to provide same-day delivery at scale. Most importantly, the build was designed with a modern experience that removed any user friction and could offer an easy start-up experience for merchants.


Swyft’s ultimate goal was to provide a standout user experience, so we dedicated our energy into creating a streamlined marketplace alongside a self-guided onboarding experience for both merchants and partners.


Frictionless, self-guided onboarding

Understanding that onboarding is oftentimes a user’s first impression of a product and the moment that dictates the level of experience they will have, we focused on designing and developing a seamless onboarding experience that helped merchants and delivery partners get activated on the marketplace. We paid strong attention to an experience that would lead to high level of conversions and an experience that would minimize the time to value.


Wireframing and designing a cohesive marketplace

Working closely with the Swyft team, we assembled mood boards and principles to help define the overall design language. This included different styles, colours, typography, components, layouts, and more. From there, we applied those principles into creating a design system to solve Swyft’s current needs and to allow them to scale their application nicely in the future. We utilized common marketplace patterns that users were familiar with to provide an intuitive experience.


Centralized hub to view all operations

Analytics and high level insights prove to be crucial for merchants, so we designed a dashboard hub that gives merchants the ability to view and track all of their packages at once and gain the visibility they need to operate efficiently. We also added the functionality for merchants to manage and control functions like updating rates, setting locations and maps integrations to see which locations were being serviced. Finally, we implemented a chat system to facilitate communication between marketplace buyers and sellers to streamline support.


Working with the Swyft team was a great experience. The new branding, UI/UX, and streamlined onboarding process led to a high converting experience for merchants. Merchants and buyers loved the modern design and found it extremely easy to navigate, which resulted in higher user conversion rates and a successful marketplace launch.