Creating a timeless commerce experience for SAMARA’s sustainable, cruelty-free, fashion pieces

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About Samara

With just $500 and a production run of 10 bags, Salima and Samara Visram started SAMARA because they couldn’t find a bag that was cruelty-free, simple, and elegant. Their goal with SAMARA has always been to create impact in the world, and to make fashion better. However, with such a great mission, they needed a commerce experience that could match and a strategy to grow SAMARA into the best sustainable, cruelty-free, fashion house in the world. That’s where the Lazer team came in, building a best-in-class storefront with intuitive navigation, impactful product storytelling, and beautiful representation of SAMARA’s inspiring brand values.

Our Approach

With SAMARA, we knew we had to create an experience that would not only showcase their beautiful products but also communicate their mission to people around the world.

1. Intuitive navigation for cruelty-free fashion

We executed on their vision and design, and created a new storefront that featured a clean, modern aesthetic with intuitive navigation. We prioritized showcasing the brand's values and impact, highlighting their commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free fashion. We optimized the product pages for conversions and ensured the storefront was performant, loaded quickly, and was server-side rendered so that it had a great SEO presence.

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2. Creating a seamless checkout experience

An important sign of a great commerce experience is a clean, high converting shopping experience. It’s a signal that customers are resonating with the brand and are able to navigate the commerce experience in a seamless way to make a decision to purchase and support the brand.

To achieve this, we prioritized intuitive navigation and clear calls-to-action to make the shopping experience as easy and streamlined as possible. We also utilized a number of custom apps to ensure we recovered abandoned carts, provided an enjoyable support experience, and helped customers discover different aspects of the brand. Finally, we made sure to optimize the website for mobile devices, as more and more of their customers are shopping on their smartphones and tablets.

3. Efficient & caring operations

Operations can be stressful, so we wanted to make sure that SAMARA’s operations behind-the-scenes were just as efficient and effective. To solve this, we created a number of custom apps that were tailored specifically to SAMARA's unique needs. The apps we created solved a number of key challenges, from inventory management, multiple shipping locations, ad attribution, SMS & email marketing, exceptional customer support, and more. We built an app tailored to their brand needs that collected customer emails, resulting in substantial growth to their email list. We integrated deeply with Shopify, including their admin, Shopify Fulfilment Network, POS, & Inbox platforms to ensure consistency and efficiency. By optimizing their back-end systems, we have helped SAMARA to achieve greater success and growth as a business, while also delivering a better experience for their customers.

The Result

Overall, our collaboration with SAMARA has been a great success. In just 5 short years, SAMARA has worked with factories all over the world, and have grown to a multi-million dollar brand that has partnered with amazing organizations and individuals such as Disney, Lupita Nyong'o, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, and more. Even more, they've provided tens of thousands of Soular backpacks to children in East Africa to help them get educated in a safe manner. They've provided jobs to hundreds of people in Kenya by producing the backpacks there.