Developing Outcomes4Me’s web and mobile experience to help individuals navigate cancer treatment



Mobile (React Native)



Frontend Development


About Outcomes4Me

Raising $12M+ from Northpond Ventures, Sierra Ventures, and more, Outcomes4Me is building a platform to help cancer patients navigate their care better. They gather treatment recommendations typically meant for oncologists and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to translate that information so patients can understand it better. With this knowledge, patients can feel empowered to make the best medical decisions with their care team. They’re also the only direct-to-patient platform that integrates with the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®), from the not-for-profit alliance of 33 leading cancer centres.

With a large product roadmap ahead of them, the Outcomes4Me team needed additional horsepower on the frontend development side for their web and mobile platform. This is where Lazer was brought in to help lead and accelerate..

Our Approach

With many initiatives ahead of the team, we not only needed to focus on speed, but also on quality of execution. Working collaboratively with the Outcomes4Me leadership team and product team was critical to iterate on their mobile and web platform.


Improving Outcomes4Me’s React Native mobile app

At the beginning of the partnership, we first focused on Outcomes4Me’s React Native mobile app by removing technical debt and critical bugs that were detrimental to the core user experience. Following that, we began standardizing the UI and theming so design updates would be easier to implement in the future.


Approaching the web application with a mobile-first approach

By building a mobile-first web application using React and Next.js, we ensured a consistent user experience across devices. We focused on optimizing the application for server-side rendering (SSR), search engine optimization (SEO), and seamless analytics integration with tools like Google Analytics and Amplitude. The web app allowed users to fill out questionnaires, receive updates on their specific breast cancer case, and seamlessly transition to the mobile app after sign-up.

outcomes4me approach banner image fragment 1
Mobile views of Outcomes4Me app

Streamlining Outcomes4Me’s product development process

In collaboration with the newly hired product manager and engineering manager, we facilitated Outcomes4Me’s product development process by providing guidance and support. We helped align the team's efforts, establish a clear product direction, and identify key features and improvements for the web application. Our aim was to foster a productive and efficient work environment, ensuring the successful delivery of outcomes for Outcomes4Me.


Establishing best practices for a new frontend architecture and components with AWS

Outcomes4Me had a clean tech stack primarily built on AWS infrastructure. However, they needed guidance in setting up best practices for their frontend architecture. Working closely with the engineering team, we made key architectural decisions and implemented efficient coding standards. By leveraging React, Next.js, PostgreSQL, Material UI, and AWS we established a scalable and optimized code structure for the web application. We introduced components for their Discover section such as the news feed, blog posts, FAQ section, academic materials, surveys, and more to enhance the user experience and provide personalized insights.

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Image of outcomes4me's dashboard showing embeddable views

The Result

The collaboration with Outcomes4Me yielded significant results and had a positive impact on their operations and patient experience. Throughout the partnership we were able to:

• Develop a mobile-first web application mirroring the functionalities of their React Native mobile app.

• Implement server-side rendering (SSR), search engine optimization (SEO), and analytics integration for enhanced performance and data insights.

• Lower the barrier for new users to enter the platform through the web app, allowing Outcomes4Me to collect more breast cancer patient data for research purposes.

• Streamline the product development process, enabling efficient collaboration and clarity of product direction.

• Improve the code structure and architectural standards, ensuring scalability and maintainability for future enhancements.

We’re proud to have contributed to Outcomes4Me’s mission of empowering cancer patients and improving their treatment outcomes and making a positive impact on the lives of individuals battling cancer.