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About MobLabs

MobLabs is a platform built for creators that allows them to use live interactions to engage with their community. To further expand their product offering, Moblabs looked to create an engagement platform that would be a wrapper over Twitch and other game-streaming platforms and allow streamers to set up “metaracts” (i.e. interactions like polls, dares and limitations to engage the audience constructed as NFTs). This is when MobLabs approached Lazer to help bring this platform to fruition.

Our Approach

To design and build Moblab’s end-to-end engagement platform, we needed to empathize with streamers, users, content consumers, third-party content creators, and esports organizations to understand what the best experience for them would be and how they would get the most value out of the platform.

Empathy with platform users to develop the feature roadmap

To empathize and understand the best experience for users, we conducted interviews with stakeholders and potential creators/consumers to identify their thought process and needs while engaging with live streams. We assembled user stories and flows for each type of user on the platform (streamers, creators, consumers, and esports organizations), and prioritized them according to what they required from the platform and what would drive value to them.

Aligning on wireframes, high-fidelity designs, and prototypes for user testing

To quickly determine whether we were solving core problems that users experience, we aimed to move swiftly to put designs and prototypes in the hands of users to receive feedback. The feedback received helped us re-prioritize and iterate and solidify core experiences such as the level of abstraction needed from a web3 perspective, core features involved in metaracts, core features needed by streamers and consumers, and what revenue channels would be. From there, we finalized high-fidelity designs that we could pass onto our engineering team to architect and develop.

Incorporating gamified interactions to boost engagement and revenue

Within livestreams, gamification methods and interactions are extremely important to drive user engagement and retention. In turn, this level of engagement helps drive more revenue to the platform through partnerships with third-party vendors and other orgs. Different gamification methods involved polls, dares, contests, power-ups, badges, tiers/levels, sounds, and more.

Building the core experience for streamers, content consumers, creators, and esports organizations

From the designs and user research conducted, we jumped into bringing the platform to life. Using React, Node, and other frameworks/technologies, we focused on delivering seamless and intuitive experiences for login, account management, creator/consumer dashboards and flows, onboarding, integrations (e.g. Twitch), and more.

Developing web3 components while abstracting away complexities

On top of the core experiences, there were heavy web3 components involved. To create a seamless wallet onboarding experience, we used Magic Link to remove complexities for the user. Since the metaracts were represented as NFTs, we had to ensure we built the correct infrastructure to sync on-chain data with the web2 world. For the marketplace itself, we built infrastructure and the respective frontends to query on-chain data alongside user data and ensured that we reading and writing to the chain was worked reliably. While building the web3 components, we also need to factor it the potential for cross-chain support, social tokens, wallet management, deeper analytics, an auction system for NFTs, and more.

The Result

At the conclusion of working with the MobLabs team, we designed and created an end-to-end experience for creators and their fans to engage with each other, and for fans to have a larger stake in the growth of their favourite creators’ communities. It was exciting working with the team on a engaging platform alongside tackling the complexities from both a web2 and web3 perspective.