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Future-proofing Marquee Brand’s Shopify storefronts

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Platform Audit

Backend & Infrastructure Development

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About Marquee Brands

Founded in 2014, Marquee Brands’ vision is to become the world’s most creative brand accelerator. They partner at acquisition with brand owners in order to meet their unique objectives and work hand-in-hand with best-in-class operating partners around the world to drive coordinated global distribution for their products and expanded brand presence.

The brands under the Marquee Brands umbrella are all unique to one another, some with different distribution models. One brand in particular sells products in a unique manner that requires a strong infrastructure foundation. Ensuring the security and reliability of the infrastructure is a crucial task, which is where Lazer stepped in to help.

Our Approach

When we met the Marquee Brands team, they were extremely thoughtful about how they ensure their brands provide exceptional experiences. We quickly understood what they cared most about, what challenges they were facing, and developed an approach to improve the storefront experience for one of their strongest brands.

1. Auditing their Shopify storefront

Shopify storefronts can get complex really quickly if not careful. Complexities can come in the form of multiple conflicting apps, inconsistent frontend code, competing backend infrastructure, non-performant pages, and more. We completed an exhaustive, thorough audit of one Marquee Brands’ storefronts to identify what was needed, what wasn’t, where they could improve, and how to go about execution and maintenance.

2. Infrastructure to guarantee storefront reliability and security

For Marquee Brands, security and reliability is of the utmost importance. To ensure bad actors couldn’t take advantage of exclusive products about to be distributed by one of their brands, we ensured their micro-services were secure, simplified, and maintainable moving forward. We also ensure that any integrations with third-party apps, such as Klaviyo, didn’t interfere with core experiences where they weren’t intended to.

3. Thorough documentation and knowledge transfer

During our engagement, we wanted to ensure they were set up for success and that anyone on their team had the right resources and knowledge to maintain the infrastructure moving forward. We developed well-written, simplified guides and documentation to ensure that anyone needing context could do attain it.

The Result

Working with the Marquee Brands team was extremely smooth. Overall their brand is now in a secure position to distribute their products effectively in a highly performant and reliable manner. We’re excited what the future holds for them and their team.