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About LeanSquad

Leansquad, initiated by a former professional athlete, has carved a niche in the health and fitness domain. Their digital platform emerged as a beacon for fitness enthusiasts through the COVID lockdowns. With a commendable 4.8+ star rating, the app offers a holistic fitness experience by integrating workout videos, real-time chats, and a dynamic calendar planner.

To develop a versatile application for both mobile and web, Lazer was invited to spearhead its end-to-end development. Drawing on our expertise in these platforms, we curated the full user journey through various stories, designed wireframes using Figma, and executed the core development using Swift & React.

Our Approach


Crafting a compreshensive user experience

The Leansquad platform stands as a testament to feature-rich design. Keeping a diverse user base in mind, we carefully crafted the user experience to ensure high engagement and retention. Users can immerse themselves in varied challenges, engage with interactive video content, and plan their fitness journey with precision using a dynamic planner. To further enhance the platform's versatility, we have also enabled on-demand videos curated for each user’s fitness journey.

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Navigating an end-to-end user experience

Our commitment to user loyalty went beyond just the content, it was deeply ingrained in the aesthetics and design system of the platform. Embracing challenges of varied user expectations, we transitioned our foundational design ideologies into visually appealing and functional layouts. Whether it was the varying challenges, the on-demand videos, or the recipe sections, each interface was thoughtfully designed to ensure a harmonious balance between form and function. This led to user flows that not only resonate with various users but also drives remarkable user engagement.

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Image of Leansquad app dashboard.

Bridging interactive features and personalized content

To further enhance the user experience, the platform offers a curated recipe section tailored to individual metrics. Upon receiving user data via onboarding questionnaire and continued engagement, we personalized each approach to ensure the user receives content that aligns with their fitness goals. Additionally, the platform empowers users to document their journey, allowing them to upload progress photos, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation.

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Image of Leansquad app dashboard.

Seamless full-stack integrations for content management and financial transactions

To create cohesive UX across both web and mobile applications, we utilized a diverse tech stack throughout the development process to integrate various functionalities. To leverage Leansquad’s existing content library, we used Contentful as our primary content host and integrated Mux for streamlined video uploads. Video.js and Stream Chat facilitated interactive video playback and real-time messaging, enhancing community engagement. We also combined popular tools such as Heroku and Firebase to optimize for hosting, storage and authentication. To ensure smooth financial transactions, we integrated RevenueCat and Stripe for payments.

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Image of Leansquad app dashboard.
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The Result

Leansquad's collaboration with our team showcases the transformative power of digital solutions in the health and fitness sector. By leveraging advanced technologies and prioritizing user experience, we've crafted a platform that resonates with users worldwide. We are excited to continue supporting Leansquad as they stand at the forefront of digital wellness.