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About GoodGood

GoodGood is a makers marketplace focused on curating unique, locally-sourced food and beverage goods and serving customers at their brick and mortar locations in Toronto, Canada. GoodGood’s purpose is to act as a hub for artisans, creators and makers and the communities they serve.

Aiming to expand their business, GoodGood looked to create an ecommerce experience that mirrored the charm of their retail locations. They tapped Lazer because they know we’d be the best partner to bring their purpose and vision directly to their online storefront. Being a top-tier curator of local food and beverages, GoodGood’s online presence needed to make a collection of various brands and products feel unified and all while providing shoppers with an easy-to-shop omnichannel experience.

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Our Approach

We designed and built GoodGood’s ecommerce presence to keep their vision at the heart of the experience while also incorporating omnichannel branding, easy product discovery and navigation, and a friction-free checkout. Most importantly, we focused on the development of GoodGood’s logistics since shipping, especially perishables, and inventory can become doubly complex.

Unified omnichannel storefront

When taste and visual tests aren’t an option, locally-curated goods purchases are inspired by brand, packaging and visual appeal. GoodGood exists to bring curated goods to their customers, which is why we worked hard to bring the same level of care and curation to building their online storefront on Shopify. We made purposeful design considerations to the online shopping experience to ensure that GoodGood’s online presence felt aligned with and personalized to their in-person cafe storefronts so the customer experience never felt fragmented.

Staying true to brand identity

GoodGood’s catalogue of curated products centres entirely around offering locally produced goods — a value that is a core part of the brand identity. Our simple and sleek design was rooted in discoverability and helping customers discover all the unique products and stories behind the producers. We ensured that GoodGood customers would be delighted from their first touch, and brought the retail experience directly to the online storefront. From the homepage, right through to checkout, GoodGood’s brand identity is present throughout the experience.

Localized shipping and shopping

For GoodGood’s curated goods, especially food and beverages, visibility for customers and removing friction was essential for the shopping experience they wanted to deliver for their customers. We focused on mimicking a retail-esque environment in their online space. We built fully customized shipping logic with Shopify’s Fulfillment API which routed orders to the nearest retail location based on a shopper’s delivery address. This enabled GoodGood to provide in-store pickup, instant and same-day delivery while maintaining their local-first experience for shoppers.

The Result

Overall, we were able to unify the brand identity and shopping experience that GoodGood envisioned for their retail storefronts and bring the concept to life. We also enabled shoppers to have the most convenient options for their shipping experience - whether it be in-store pick up, or same-day delivery.