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Architecting the Fig.1 Beauty platform to make skin health achievable for everyone




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About Figure 1 Beauty (Fig. 1)

Backed by 8VC, Fig. 1 is a community of skin health experts, helmed by Dr. Courtney Rubin, a board-certified dermatologist, Lizzy Trelstad, a cosmetic chemist, and Kimmy Scotti, a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Their goal is to demystify and democratize skincare, making skin health achievable for everyone, by creating exceptional products and tools, at the right price, to improve your skin health. At the ideation stage of Fig. 1, the team approached Lazer to help them think through the best way to architect their web platform to provide the best experience for their skincare tools and the best commerce experience for incredible products.


The entire Fig. 1 experience had many moving parts. Exceptional products, an educational online skincare consultation, a complex back-end system, and an innovative distribution strategy all needed to be accounted for when architecting and designing their platform.

Devising the best UX for online skincare consultations

Most online consultations and quizzes are poorly designed, so when thinking through the UX and design for Fig. 1’s skincare consultation, we focused deeply on optimizing for a high completion rate and high conversion rate for products while staying true to the branding. To achieve this we looked at successful quizzes (such as Noom) for lessons, we utilized different psychological and gamification techniques, we incorporated different methods for conveying education (video, text, colours, contrast, human-interaction, cameras, etc), and we conducted user studies to identify at what points of the experience is best to recommend them the correct products.

Designing and architecting a clean, high conversion commerce experience

To achieve the best commerce experience, we leveraged the Shopify platform tremendously. We wireframed and created pages that would showcase Fig. 1’s beautiful products, tools, and mission. We designed a modification to their checkout experience to factor in their unique distribution strategy alongside information from user’s skincare consultations. We crafted a strategy that would integrate their standalone online skincare consultation seamlessly with the rest of their commerce solution.

Integrating key operational software into the technical architecture

Behind the scenes of Fig. 1 is a complex operation, where many processes and third-parties are involved - including manufacturers, clinicians, warehouses, scientists, customers, marketers, and more. To solve for this, we needed to identify custom apps and software that would be needed to tie everything together in an efficient and intuitive manner. We ensured everything could be accessible from one interface and that everything could also be tightly integrated inside of Shopify Admin. We also needed to make sure key analytics and the health of the platform could be monitored easily.


Overall, our collaboration with Figure 1 Beauty was a great success. In a short amount of time, we were able to craft a unique and highly effective online skincare consultation that is a new standard on its own. We architected and designed a commerce experience that not only showcased the incredible brand and products, but also made the operations behind-the-scenes more efficient and successful. And finally, we laid the foundation for future iterations of the platforms to incorporate new products, new tools, and new distribution strategies. We love the Fig. 1 team and are extremely excited for their future - go check them out!