Designing and developing Definitive’s web3 analytics platform

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UI/UX Design

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Design System

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Backend Development

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About Definitive

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Definitive is a platform that makes it easy for web3 projects to understand and grow their users while providing end-to-end insights to web3 teams. Previously it was really challenging for web3 teams to obtain key insights about their projects, acquire new users, and grow. Now, Definitive has created a suite of tools and features to solve for this. It includes on-chain dashboards, royalty tracking, retention and churn analysis, wallet profiling, real-world event analytics, ecosystem tracking, lookalike wallet analysis, and more.

Early on in Definitive’s journey, speed of execution was extremely important. Lazer worked really closely with the Definitive team to design and build out their base analytics platform.

Rubik design system

Our Approach

The goal of Definitive's analytics platform was to allow anyone to instantly discover key trends and surface unexpected insights in the web3 space. This would demystify the enormous amount of data in blockchains and let people find out what’s actually happening. With this product vision, our goal was to design the best platform and then convert those designs into fully-fledged features.

Assembling a cohesive design system

Working closely with the Definitive team, we assembled mood boards and principles to help define the overall design language. This included different styles, colours, typography, components, layouts, and more. From there, we applied those principles into creating a design system to solve Definitive’s current needs and to allow them to scale their application nicely in the future.

Leveraging Google Cloud for a strong infrastructure

Specifically within Google Cloud, BigQuery was used extensively for public blockchain datasets while building out robust ETL (extract, transform, load) technology. In addition, Cloud Composer, Dataflow, Kubernetes Engine, and Cloud Storage were extensively used.

Definitive menu and buttons desing system

Crafting intuitive wireframes and high-fidelity screens and flows

Utilizing the design system created, we applied it to core user experience flows, such as viewing analytics from dashboards, running specific queries, user authentication, audience targeting, team and admin settings, pricing plans, app navigation and more.

Definitive subscription upgrade flow
Definitive run queries UI
Definitive team management UI
Definitive plan payment options UI
Definitive saved queries UI
Definitive settings UI

Developing a robust and informative analytics platform

Leveraging React, Typescript, and Metabase, we developed dashboards that would allow users to gain insight and analytics about specific tokens or NFTs. We also developed core engineering features such as user authentication, querying and search, admin management, and more.

Creating Definitive’s Salesforce app, one of the first web3 apps on the Salesforce platform

The opportunity arose for the Definitive team to be one of the first web3 apps on the Salesforce platform, so we were tasked with providing the core Definitive experience to Salesforce users via their app store. Using Salesforce Canvas, we embedded the core Definitive experience into the app, and added custom integrations to ensure core experiences were working accordingly. We helped the Definitive team navigate through the Salesforce app store process and onto launch.

A grid of definitive dashbord screens

The Result

The Definitive team has outstanding product vision, it made it extremely easy and fun to work with. At the end, we were able to create a beautiful design system, apply the system to core product experiences, and take those designs from paper to a usable product. In addition, we were able to create one of the first web3 apps for the Salesforce platform and bring the power of Definitive to Salesforce users.