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Launching Bay Area Lyme’s Chronic application to promote awareness for vector-borne illnesses

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About Bay Area Lyme and Chronic

Bay Area Lyme is a non-profit organization with a mission is to make Lyme disease easy to diagnose and simple to cure. Unfortunately, those affected by Lyme and its co-infections often are robbed of their health and are sent on an odyssey to (1) get properly diagnosed, (2) get correct medical treatment, and (3) afford the tests and treatments that often are not covered by insurance.

To help promote more awareness for Lyme Disease and other vector-borne illnesses, Bay Area Lyme sought out to build Chronic, which is a website to help individuals identify it they might have a chronic illness and navigate their chronic illnesses. To build out the web application, Bay Are Lyme approached Lazer to build out the web application and launch the product.

Our Approach

Bay Area Lyme is an extraordinary non-profit organization with an incredible mission. When approaching this project with them, we knew we needed to deliver an experience that is intuitive, interactive, and impactful so that the mission could be achieved.


Creating an engaging, responsive and performant web experience

A core component of the Chronic app experience is the interface individuals interact with on their desktop and mobile devices. To create a highly intuitive, performant, and responsive experience, we leveraged React, Next.js, and Tailwind to develop the frontend, and Node.js to develop the backend. This allowed us to easily implement the designs, application logic, and integrations needed to deliver the best experience.

Image of Bay Lyme Disease's form gathering information about user's recent interaction with ticks.

Launching an interactive assessment to help people determine if they have Lyme Disease or other vector-borne illnesses

With the core mission of helping promote awareness of Lyme Disease and other vector-borne illnesses and helping individuals understand if they may have a chronic illness, a ~10-minute interactive assessment that takes individuals through a series of questions to understand the level of exposure they may have had to ticks and what symptoms they have faced or are currently facing. This helps them get a sense of the likelihood of vector-borne infection based on how you answer.

Image of Bay Lyme Disease's form gathering information about user's recent interaction with ticks.

Leveraging DatoCMS to manage content in a headless manner

With a large amount of content circulated in the web application, the LDF team wanted to ensure that the content can be easily edited and managed by non-technical individuals. As a result, we integrated DatoCMS as a content management system to make managing all content from a centralized place extremely easy.

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Establishing a complete architecture with AWS

To create a stable, secure, and scalable web experience we leveraged AWS extensively. Specifically we used AWS CodePipeline for a fully managed continuous delivery service that helps automate release pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates. AWS Elastic Beanstalk to help deploy and manage web applications with capacity provisioning, app health monitoring, and more. And lastly, AWS ElastiCache as a fully managed, Redis- and Memcached-compatible service delivering real-time, cost-optimized performance for modern applications.

Diagram of Bay Lyme Disease's technical infrastructure and architecture.

Leveraging Google’s Firebase for secure and powerful authentication

To ensure strong security, a great developer experience, and a scalable authentication experience, Firebase Authentication was utilized as a powerful and popular backend-as-a-service (BaaS) platform to authenticate users. With Firebase, we could leverage its simplicity, scalability, and real-time capabilities to streamline development, reduce infrastructure management overhead, and deliver engaging user experiences.

The Result

Our collaboration with Bay Area Lyme was a great success and we successfully launched Chronic. We’re proud to be able to help them promote more awareness to Lyme Disease and other vector-borne illnesses and help more individuals live a healthy and meaningful life.