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About 1Fort

1Fort is the first automation platform to streamline the cyber insurance qualification process. They make it simple and quick to apply for and renew cyber insurance with top insurers, while minimizing your cyber risk to unlock discounted premiums and improved coverage terms.

To achieve 1Fort’s vision and to accelerate their roadmap, Lazer was brought in to develop an endpoint protection agent and a cyber insurance quote generation tool. In addition, we helped 1Fort integrate with numerous vendors to perform security control scans, and build a POC using LLMs (large language models), specifically OpenAI’s GPT-4, to automatically fill carrier forms using business data

Our Approach

With the complex nature of the cyber security industry, simplicity in any form has become a necessity. With this in mind, we prioritized developing a feature-rich and robust solution that can be quickly implemented directly within the workflows of existing and prospective customers. Working alongside 1Fort, we ensured that our deliverables provided extensive integrations and flexibility with various platforms that adhered to the fast-pace of cyber insurance.

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Developing 1Fort’s endpoint protection agent and cyber insurance quote generation tool

Upon working with the 1Fort team, our core responsibility was developing the entire backend from scratch. Using Python, Django, osquery, and more, we effectively developed 1Fort’s endpoint protection agent for endpoint scans. In addition, we built 1Fort’s carrier form PDF filler to automatically populate carrier forms with business data, providing information about business’s security controls.

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Designing & implementing a complete backend infrastructure with AWS, Twilio, and more

For a scalable, complete architecture that allowed all key integrations and features to work together, we utilized a number of platforms. With AWS, we hosted everything on AWS ECS and utilized Lambda functions for data collection and processing. In addition, we also utilized AWS Elastic Container Registry, Virtual Private Cloud, CloudWatch, Aurora PostgreSQL, S3, and Systems Manager Parameter Store. For transactional emails we utilized Customer.io & Sendgrid. For DNS and security, we leveraged Cloudflare and for Terraform deployment we leveraged Hashicorp.

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Building API integrations with vendors to perform security control scans

In order to perform security control scans seamlessly and effectively, we needed to build API integrations with a wide variety of vendors, including:

  • Cloud providers (i.e. AWS, Azure & GCP) for scanning user MFA status, least privilege access, data encryption at rest, etc.

  • Business suites (i.e. Office 365, Google Workspace) for retrieving user MFA status, business users, email access devices, email security status, etc.

  • Identity management services (i.e. Azure Active Directory, Okta) for scanning user MFA status.

  • Endpoint detection and response services (i.e. SentinelOne, Crowdstrike) for checking antivirus protection, hard drive encryption, password protection, etc.

  • Vulnerability management tools (i.e. Tenable.io, Qualys) to check for CVEs.

  • Mobile device management platforms (i.e. Microsoft Intune, Cisco Meraki, and more).

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Leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4 LLM to automate carrier form filling

One of our other core tasks was to develop a POC (proof-of-concept) leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4 to automatically complete carrier forms using business data. In just a little over a week, we built a POC that allowed users to get answers to questions from carrier forms that significantly sped up the assessing information about business’s security controls.

The Result

Working with the 1Fort team was incredible and helping them build out critical infrastructure for the cyber insurance space was exciting and a blast. Through our collaboration with 1Fort, we were able to build and launch an effective tool that simplifies the cyber insurance qualification process, while also laying the foundation for LLM technology to significantly improve the experience across a number of fronts.