Mydoh by RBC

Building and scaling RBC’s Mydoh - Canada’s leading smart card and money management app for kids


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Web (React, Webflow)

Mobile (React Native - iOS & Android)



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Mobile Development

Backend & Infrastructure Developement

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About Mydoh & RBC

Developed by RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), Mydoh is a money management app and Smart Card, which includes a digital and physical Visa Prepaid Card that helps kids make their own earning and spending decisions — learning values that help build a strong foundation for the future. Mydoh gives parents everything they need to make raising money-smart kids easier.

When Mydoh was first incepted by the RBC team, Lazer was brought in to help with development and scale the app to all of Canada.

Our Approach

Working with RBC, the largest bank in Canada, we needed to ensure that the development of the Mydoh app was secure, private, compliant, and built to scale. With a focus on speed and quality, we worked diligently to build the best experience.

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Biometric Authentication

Security is of the utmost important when it came to RBC. We focused on biometric authentication to ensure that we built a secure authentication flow for parents and children on their respective devices.

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC is ever-evolving in the fintech landscape. Compliance is critical for RBC and applications like Mydoh. To handle KYC and other compliant standards well, we utilized leading KYC software to ensure we had a fully compliant, intuitive, and frictionless KYC experience.

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Virtual and Physical Card Issuing

With the Mydoh app, parents can create virtual and physical prepaid Visa cards for their children. With these virtual cards, parents can transfer funds to them when their children complete chores, tasks, or for their allowance. To handle the card issuing component, we integrated deeply with a leading card issuer software which allowed us to create a seamless and beautiful experience.

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Teaching Children Money Management Skills

One of the core challenges Mydoh aims to solve is teaching children about money management skills and to become financially literate. To assist with this, we developed Mydoh’s “Play” feature within the app, which incentivizes kids to learn about financial topics and be rewarded by parents for finishing modules with quizzes.

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Categorizing transactions and facilitating allow-lists

Now that children could have a virtual or physical card, parents wanted the ability to allow and restrict where their children could spend. We developed a system to allow parents to control which vendors were allowed to be spent at by their children and which were not.

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Making development efficient with React Native

With the Mydoh app primarily being a mobile app, we leveraged React Native heavily to create both the iOS and Android app. With React Native, we could create reusable components that made development more efficient and were able to create a beautiful experience.

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Leveraging Webflow to build a high converting marketing website

Despite Mydoh primarily being a mobile app, we needed to create a marketing website that could drive users on the web to download the mobile app. We wanted the website to be built quickly and be designed in a way to let non-developers freely edit content, assets, layouts, easily. We decided to utilize Webflow for this, which served to be an amazing decision.

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Making content management easy with Contentful

Being a core app in the RBC ecosystem, we needed to have the ability to integrate internationalization for both French and English speakers, as well as give marketing teams the ability to adjust copy and assets as they please inside of the mobile app. To handle this, we decided to use Contentful so that we could map components accordingly and create a great UX for the operations team.

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Scaling Mydoh with AWS

To continue to build Mydoh in a secure and scalable way, we leaned heavily on AWS. We utilized S3 for storage, SQS for our distributed messaging queue, EC2 for compute, and more.

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Managing log activity with Sumo Logic and visualizing data with Metabase

With a tremendous amount of activity occurring inside of the app, we wanted to ensure the Mydoh operation, product, and dev team had the ability to gain insights from the activity. Sumo Logic played a large role in managing log activity, while Metabase allowed for monitoring and visualizing data.

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Building the Mydoh app was a large undertaking. With so many pieces of infrastructure involved, internally and externally to the bank, we did a complete job of solving core issues and assembling all of the components to create Mydoh. Mydoh now is one of Canada’s most innovative fintech apps, and is a leader in the space.